All team members understand each individual’s needs and the method of care required for the individual. They are up-to-date with the latest technological devices, maintain a hygienic environment, and can perform all necessary tasks, while keeping dialogue with physicians to assist and support in the care process.


Team members pay attention to details and always keep track of individuals’ cases and conditions. They perform all tasks with confidence and competence, even in the most difficult of situations.


Team members understand that each individual’s attitude and condition is unique, and administer care according to the individual’s pace and needs. Team members are also sensitive to the nature of Arab culture, and are aware of the nuances of each family.

Direct Communication

Team members maintain clear and direct communication with the individual, family, and medical professionals. Through our online IT platform, users can find key information such as progress reports and medication doses.


Team members abide by a confidentiality agreement and will not disclose personal information to any third party. We commit to keeping medical records and home-visits private.