About Us


Hayat Al-Nofous aims to be an exceptional homecare option in Kuwait and the Gulf, offering unparalleled services through its diverse and highly specialized team. We strive to provide not only physical care and assistance, but also design treatment programs that are personal, lively, and focus on fostering positive attitudes to support and empower individuals during critical times. Hayat Al-Nofous will lead the way in its innovative approach to revolutionizing the homecare industry in Kuwait and the Gulf.


Hayat Al-Nofous promises to provide professional, efficient, and personalized homecare for a variety of short and long-term needs, including but not limited to: palliative care, geriatric care, recovery, disability assistance, as well maternity and pediatric care. Our team members are specialized in their fields and adhere to a strict code of conduct that prioritizes individuals’ rights to privacy and confidentiality. Also, as part of its social responsibility, Hayat Al-Nofous pledges to deliver homecare for financially-challenged individuals with certain conditions.


We at Hayat Al-Nofous understand the challenges that accompany a loved one in need of homecare, and promise to build a transparent relationship with the individual and family based on mutual trust and respect. Through our easy-to-use online IT platform, family members can stay informed through direct access to information such as progress reports and medication history. Moreover, in our capacity as certified caregivers, we aim to help family members take a more active role in the care of their loved ones, as the family bond is irreplaceable and essential to the well-being of the individual during the care process.


Our journey began when our late mother, Hayat Adnan Al-Naqeeb, fell terminally ill in 2013 and required in-home care. Known for her social standing as the wife of the Speaker of Parliament for many years, and for her unparalleled personality our mother’s swift decline proved difficult on our family. Despite our personal commitments and constant presence, we could not perform many of the necessary tasks as she had become bedridden, and needed a professional and qualified nursing team to care for her— a challenge to find in Kuwait at the time. With an aching body, our beloved mother endured nonetheless and retained many of her virtues such as patience, kindness, exemplifying to us the true meaning of surrender and trust in the Almighty. And as God willed on February 10, 2015, our beloved Hayat passed away. Out of grief and loss emerged a desire to make a difference, and an idea was born.

Dedicated to improving individuals’ quality of life during medically challenging times, Hayat Al-Nofous (literally ‘the life of souls’), recognizes individuals beyond their conditions and limitations, and prioritizes their senses of comfort and dignity. Hayat Al-Nofous promises to give loved ones professional, efficient, and personalized care in the privacy of their own homes. Though our loving Hayat has left us, her legacy and lively spirit remain through her name and our work— the special care that we give, and the commitments that we strive to keep.