Home Care

Before signing contracts, we must first schedule a home visit to medically assess the individual and his/her home environment. For complicated cases, a group visit led by a physician may be required.

Services nursing

We offer specialized nurses for the following treatment options:

Short- term

Dressing wounds

Caring for individuals with wounds due but not limited to burns, diabetes, and surgical procedures.

Inserting and maintaining tubes

Management of individuals with tracheostomies, nasogastric tubes, Foley’s catheters, and similar insertions.


Intramuscular, subcutaneous, and intravenous injection services, as well as providing long-term intravenous injection monitoring of antibiotics, vitamins, and intravenous analgesics. Additional services include chemotherapy injections delivered and monitored through infusion pumps.

Long- term

Palliative care

Individuals with terminal conditions that require empathetic and sympathetic care approaches.

Geriatric care

Elderly individuals who need help with Activities of Daily Living (ADL) which include eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, and maintaining continence.


Individuals who desire help post-hospitalization/surgery to resume their normal ADL.

Special needs assistance

Care for individuals with mental and physical disabilities.

Maternity and Pediatrics

Support for new mothers, babies, and children.

We offer specialized physiotherapists for the following treatment options

Treatment Options

  • Post-surgery and trauma
  • Post-stroke
  • Neurological diseases
  • Pain therapy
  • Sports injuries
  • Muscle strains, sprains, and joint pain

Treatment Equipments

  • Infrared light
  • TENS
  • Massager
  • Interferential therapy instruments
  • Bio magnets
  • Laser equipment
  • Mini-pedaling cycles
  • Palm exercise equipment

Transportation Service

A minivan is available for hire for wheelchair-bound individuals who require rides to and from medical visits.

IT Platform

Our online IT platform allows direct access to information such as medical history, progress reports, medication doses, and daily team member remarks. Moreover, our opinion portal permits individuals and their families to evaluate our services, file complaints, or offer suggestions.

Induction Process

Before practicing, all team members must undergo a brief induction period to familiarize themselves with the Arab home environment. Team members learn about cultural practices and social etiquette, as well as the importance of family, modesty, and faith.

Quality Assurance

The world of medicine is a fast-changing one. To guarantee optimum performance, our Quality Assurance Managers run routine checks and monthly training workshops to update team members on operating the latest technological devices, as well as mastering new procedures necessary for the treatment of homecare individuals. We care about developing our team members’ strengths, and believe that their growth is as essential as helping individuals during their medically challenging times. At Hayat Al-Nofous, experience is an asset we can assure.

That being said, we welcome feedback about our services and respect individuals’ and families’ rights to complain. In turn, we promise prompt action and agree to maintain transparency between parties during the investigation and follow-up process. At Hayat Al-Nofous, we will not compromise on delivering professional, efficient, and personalized homecare to all our clients.

Overseas Accompaniment

Hayat Al-Nofous will assist subject to availability in providing an expert team member to accompany you while you travel— delivering necessary care to you wherever in the world you choose to be.

Recruitment Arrangements

Upon individual request, Hayat Al-Nofous can recruit nurses and physiotherapists from abroad to fulfill your desired needs. We take care of searching and screening candidates, as well as travel arrangements and processing governmental paperwork.

Medical Recruitment



The “NEW KUWAIT 2030” demands an increase in socioeconomic growth and progress where a highly qualified manpower is mandatory in the workforce in all sectors especially in health care services. It is meeting these requirements that makes manpower recruitment and mobilization a vital activity.

Although there are many recruiting agents in Kuwait, there are few recruitment agents Specialized in the Medical field.

Engaging qualified manpower with competitive costs, selectiveness, reliability, and timely delivery are the hurdles faced by any organization. This is where HAYAT AL NOFOUS MEDICAL SERVICES CO. becomes your trusted partner to identify the right manpower for the required job.

Our International extensions

Considering the global view of multinational and multi lingual professionals, we have developed ties with trustworthy health care manpower agents from different countries all over the world

We match your requirements with the right manpower in the field of health care

Our Recruitment Services

HAYAT Al NOFOUS MEDICAL SERVICES CO. Provides recruitment with various medical specialties, which includes:

  • Consultant Medical Doctors
  • Specialized Medical Doctors
  • Medical Registrars
  • Biomedical Engineers
  • Nurses
  • Technicians of various specialties
  • Hospital Administrators
  • Nutritional specialists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Infection control specials
  • Clean room technicians and staff
  • HIS specialists
  • Other Medical support staff

Our advantages

  • Easy accessibility to our office and our representatives
  • Direct the enquiries with more details and efficiency, we offer specificity on medical professionals.
  • Getting the advantage of sourcing experienced candidates locally
  • Comfort of masking identity of the employer as we are the laisoning agent
  • Transparency in dealing with the required contracts between the candidates, Employer and our company
  • Ease of getting wider range of candidates from all over the world through a single window
  • Reduces your clerical burdens and saves you money and time.
  • Assist you in mobilization of manpower to Kuwait
  • Assist with MOH related work for health licenses, along with your representative

Medical Trading


Hayat AL Nofous medical Services company W.L.L. was formed in 2014. One of our business activity is trading in Medical Equipment and Disposable products. “Enabling accountable healthcare by marketing innovative, cutting edge technologies and quality products on a fair price policy” is our vision in the field of Medical trading. We aim to connect our health care professionals and clients with the latest technologies in the Equipment, instruments, Consumable and Disposable products in the medical field. We source the technologies from world class manufacturers and global distributors to achieve our goals.

Our Sales Team

The team includes highly experienced experts from different segments of the Medical field, who understand the pulse of the market requirements and maintain excellent customer relations to promote the different medical products of the companies we represent exclusively.

Our Agencies

We have entered in to Cardiology and cardiothoracic Surgeries. We exclusively represent the world’s innovative “Lighted retractor system” for Cardiothoracic surgeries in Kuwait from TSI innovations LLC USA distributed by Aston Med-UK.

About Us


Hayat Al-Nofous aims to be an exceptional homecare option in Kuwait and the Gulf, offering unparalleled services through its diverse and highly specialized team. We strive to provide not only physical care and assistance, but also design treatment programs that are personal, lively, and focus on fostering positive attitudes to support and empower individuals during critical times. Hayat Al-Nofous will lead the way in its innovative approach to revolutionizing the homecare industry in Kuwait and the Gulf.


Hayat Al-Nofous promises to provide professional, efficient, and personalized homecare for a variety of short and long-term needs, including but not limited to: palliative care, geriatric care, recovery, disability assistance, as well maternity and pediatric care. Our team members are specialized in their fields and adhere to a strict code of conduct that prioritizes individuals’ rights to privacy and confidentiality. Also, as part of its social responsibility, Hayat Al-Nofous pledges to deliver homecare for financially-challenged individuals with certain conditions.


We at Hayat Al-Nofous understand the challenges that accompany a loved one in need of homecare, and promise to build a transparent relationship with the individual and family based on mutual trust and respect. Through our easy-to-use online IT platform, family members can stay informed through direct access to information such as progress reports and medication history. Moreover, in our capacity as certified caregivers, we aim to help family members take a more active role in the care of their loved ones, as the family bond is irreplaceable and essential to the well-being of the individual during the care process.


Our journey began when our late mother, Hayat Adnan Al-Naqeeb, fell terminally ill in 2013 and required in-home care. Known for her social standing as the wife of the Speaker of Parliament for many years, and for her unparalleled personality our mother’s swift decline proved difficult on our family. Despite our personal commitments and constant presence, we could not perform many of the necessary tasks as she had become bedridden, and needed a professional and qualified nursing team to care for her— a challenge to find in Kuwait at the time. With an aching body, our beloved mother endured nonetheless and retained many of her virtues such as patience, kindness, exemplifying to us the true meaning of surrender and trust in the Almighty. And as God willed on February 10, 2015, our beloved Hayat passed away. Out of grief and loss emerged a desire to make a difference, and an idea was born.

Dedicated to improving individuals’ quality of life during medically challenging times, Hayat Al-Nofous (literally ‘the life of souls’), recognizes individuals beyond their conditions and limitations, and prioritizes their senses of comfort and dignity. Hayat Al-Nofous promises to give loved ones professional, efficient, and personalized care in the privacy of their own homes. Though our loving Hayat has left us, her legacy and lively spirit remain through her name and our work— the special care that we give, and the commitments that we strive to keep.



All team members understand each individual’s needs and the method of care required for the individual. They are up-to-date with the latest technological devices, maintain a hygienic environment, and can perform all necessary tasks, while keeping dialogue with physicians to assist and support in the care process.


Team members pay attention to details and always keep track of individuals’ cases and conditions. They perform all tasks with confidence and competence, even in the most difficult of situations.


Team members understand that each individual’s attitude and condition is unique, and administer care according to the individual’s pace and needs. Team members are also sensitive to the nature of Arab culture, and are aware of the nuances of each family.

Direct Communication

Team members maintain clear and direct communication with the individual, family, and medical professionals. Through our online IT platform, users can find key information such as progress reports and medication doses.


Team members abide by a confidentiality agreement and will not disclose personal information to any third party. We commit to keeping medical records and home-visits private.





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